Prepare. Transform. Innovate.
Shake IT up!
Revolution through Evolution

Shaking things up without breaking things up

Transforming through acquisition? Scaling?
Trying to leverage the best out of your people and assets?
You need to get the recipe right!

How we help you multiply your value

You have put the pieces together. We ensure that you unlock their fullest potential.
We help you build an environment that guides and nurtures your organisation towards strategic growth.
Using our unique perspective gained from real-world successes, we guarantee rapid innovation readiness.



Mergers & acquisitions - deliver on the promise and unlock future opportunity.


Build the kind of operational excellence to take on the world and win!


Seek out new worlds and boldly go where no organisation has gone before.


Build creative confidence, a repeatable sales engine, and an actionable go-to-market strategy.

Helping great people make great organisations

We put a fun and creative spin on integrating strategy, culture, technology, process, and capability.
We build up the culture and operational performance of your teams to support rapid innovation.
People-focused, we give you the tools to ensure you scale successfully.


Who we are

Christelle Savry

Christelle Savry

Co-founder & CEO

Christelle has over twenty years’ experience consistently delivering successful outcomes to the industry. A natural leader with a human-centred approach, endless energy, and a deep technical background, she is passionate about driving cultural and organisational transformation, and helping teams reach operational excellence.

Jonathan Visser

Jonathan Visser

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Jonathan has extensive experience running technology and product teams to world-class standards. He has experience across the maturity curve - from start-ups to extended life scenarios - and is expert at identifying and nurturing opportunities, in people and in products. He specialises in formalising visions, and connecting strategy with operations.

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