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Readiness Map

Develop world-class operational performance to achieve transformational growth

Pulling it all together

We see that there are five domains - strategy, culture, technology, process, capability - that need to be integrated. These domains need to be matured in a structured way for you to be successful. To help keep everything together and maintaining traction, we have developed this readiness map.

Transformation Landscape

Executives tend to focus on the teaming/people (who) aspect of initiatives. Project managers tend to focus on tasks (how). The people are largely left to govern or ad-hoc their own processes and perhaps even technology.

This diagram illustrates the “people” and “tasks” perspective - but adds in the crucial missing “products” dimension - the what. It places these three dimensions of business integration within the five key domains of ShakeITup!’s Readiness Map above. These are the essential key levers that a governing team has to shape and manage to deliver their strategic vision.


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