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We have an array of solutions to support your transformation and organisational design initiatives. These solutions are focused on the five domains that you need to integrate in order to optimise your operational performance and reach your innovation goals and strategic objectives. Here’s a snapshot:


Capability Management

Seeing the big picture is critical, so you can visualise and communicate the entirety of the capability you can field.

The larger the square, the broader the base of capability. The darker the square, the higher the skill level.

Professional Development

Managing professional development plans well can be challenging, even more so in multi-functional teams with overlapping skills and different professional interests. Our polar charts, based on self-assessment surveys, helps you plan and track personalised progress and feeds into the creation of professional plans.

Capability Analysis

Managing diverse capabilities across multi-functional teams can be a challenge.

It’s even more difficult if you inherit a large team and there’s no skills documentation or technology strategy to align to. Our skills workshops allow us to aggregate data across the capability areas to quickly spot strengths and weaknesses.


Operational Framework

There is a lot that goes into making software well. You are doing it anyway, so you may as well manage it well.

Our operational framework helps manage and mature processes throughout business units, and across all projects.

Process Radar

Inspired by ThoughtWorks’ TechRadar and Tech-Info’s approach to prioritising process improvement, we have mapped all items from our Operational Framework on to a radar.

Process Documentation

Frequently people are coming together with a mixture of experiences and ideas. Some teams might need or want to grow their own unique spin.

Agreeing and generating simple documentation that reminds people of not just the “how” but also the “why” can help with change management and lead to better outcomes.


Governance Reporting

Our governance reporting dashboard - which identifies key dimensions and metrics - provides a lean and rapid way to manage a number of key internal innovation initiatives.

This reporting framework is used to establish a repeatable governance mechanism.

Operational Strategy

A good operational strategy shows how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It has to deal with reality, but connect reality to your vision.

This summary-level plan handles issues, risks, BAU, and key initiatives - coordinating them and showing how the combined outcomes lead to achieving the vision.

Risk Analysis

Our risk analysis reports are created by undertaking the detailed reviews of risk logs - sizing and pricing potential impact both before and after identified countermeasures have been applied. Each risk is further categorised and tagged to help improve risk management.

This makes project risks clear, actionable, and helps establish a fair basis for any fixed-price negotiations.


Tech Radar

Today, there is a lot of technology. A complex world, at once diverse/overlapping and fragmented/integrated. We use ThoughtWorks’ TechRadar and, through series of workshops and reviews, tailor it for your development teams to ensure alignment to your overall business strategy.

Technology Platform Design

To deliver an outstanding customer experience based on great service design, you need an integrated platform approach to your technology. You don’t want to pay to re-invent the wheel by building bespoke software, nor do you want to get locked into a vendor who controls your strategy.

We can help you make the right decisions and achieve the perfect balance of quality and flexibility.

Tool Chain Standardisation

When you’re merging or scaling, you might be left with multiple overlapping systems. It’s important to retain the valuable information while you’re migrating, while not getting wrapped up into too much change.

We help you select the right tools and create a strategy around your knowledge management and technical artefacts so you can take things to the next level.


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